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Miss Chave's Story

Créatrice de sacs en cuir dans son atelier de maroquinerie dans le sud de la France

One bag, one trip... Unique and Timeless...

Born in Avignon into a family of artists and artisans, I was given my first sewing machine at the age of 12.

I trained with one of the best leatherworkers in the world where I was passed on exceptional know-how, a requirement synonymous with quality, and a love for this noble material that is leather.


A real passion was born for me, thanks to leatherworkers who taught me their know-how.

This passion only increases with time and the experience that I gain in the profession of leatherworker.

I make unique and timeless creations of leather bags, made in France, to set them apart from foreign manufacture.

A promise of quality, attention to detail and originality of the models.

The bags are produced in limited quantities, which makes them "rare".

Because every woman is unique, and she needs to find the bag that was created for her...

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